Mold is common and is in every house.

A.You can prevent mold from colonizing. Proper ventilation, cleaning and exhaust fans. We can help by offering Air Quality Products.   Merv 11 filters to trap mold and dust particless,UV light for the evaporator coil to destroy Mold Colonazation,Ionizer  Air Purifier to produce Hydroxyl Radicals and Superoxide ions that destroys mold DNA, Combo T- Stats with de-humidification to help reduce humidity.   TMA program to clean and service your system and change out filters. If you are away then hire a home watch service

Mold needs 3 things to grow. 1. Moister  2. Temperature   3. Nutrition

Mold is a science for more information Google Mold Facts

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Let us over simplify the subject into three categories.   A. Preventive   B. Cleaning    C. Restoration and removing

B.Clean your Ducts every five years

C. Major mold issues it's then time to hire an Expert.